"I can make a bridge using light for us to go across! Just don't touch it with your skin or hair, or stay on it for too long."
"Why not?"
"It's hot enough to set you on fire."
~Adola, with Xero responding
Adola, also known as Idol Mita, is a suggested character, recommended by Joseph Bigham. She would be an idol girl with a past as an oriental dancer. However, due to her affiliations with Saphiras, she was highly sought after by Foster Forfant. Refusing to obey him, she decided to run away from the Oriental Temple she lived in, change her identity, and become an idol girl using illusion magic. She has the unique ability to change unlikable background music, sing, dance, etc.

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Adola is a descendant of the mysterious Apoth Order, originally in charge of making sure the anime world heeded the will of its owner. They have supernatural powers, able to control different elements of the world. As such, it makes sense that Adola is able to control light, creating illusions and use light as a barrier or as a weapon.

Adola's birth was strange. Every 100 years, a new Eko of the Apoth order is born in the heavens and descends onto the people. Seeing as Saphiras was the only living Apoth descendant at the time, she was raised solely by her.


Being a descendant of the Apoth Order, Adola lived with Saphiras in the Oriental Temple, a sacred site that protects the Apoth descendants from harm. She lived in seclusion with her older sister, who taught her how to used life force, and initiated the Sacred Rites of the Eko to unlock her potential. This led to the discovery of Adola's light-bending powers.

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