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This article contains some spoilers for the plot of Hell on Earth. Read on if you dare.
This article is about the character Foster Forfant.  For the faction, please see FoRFaNT.

Foster Forfant is the main antagonist of Hell on Earth. He intends to control the world of Hoep (and he technically already does), but in order to do this, he must stop Xavier from changing the events of the anime, and he must keep the Union of the Sacred Gemstones from overthrowing him. He has several ways of doing this

  • Mirror of Reality (Failure): Used to bring Joseph into the anime world and turn him into a slave. Failed due to a riot.
  • Killing the Union: If Foster can kill the entire Union, there will be no one to deny Foster's rule.
  • PROTOCOL:EJ: An advanced device that is in development. Using the energy of the sacred gemstones and the Mirror of Reality, it will be capable of altering time, removing Joseph and Josh from existence, yet still allowing the world of Hoep to exist.


Foster Forfant is a tall, slender character with a quite neutral appearance, other than his outfit; he normally wears a white robe that obscures his face, going down to his waist on his right side and down to his knee on his left side. He likes to wear this robe with a black shirt and pants.

Though there's no way to tell, the "Foster" everyone knows is actually a robot. His "mind" is on a computer, and his brain is in a jar.


Foster has a very neutral personality that leans towards being calm. He speaks fancily, and has a rich guy vibe to him. He is very nice, even to enemies, unless he's desperate, often being level headed even in the face of inavertible disaster. For being power hungry, Foster is very good at hiding it.


See the page for FoRFaNT for Foster's backstory.

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