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The Gaurius Venoray is a high end exotic sports car manufactured by FoRFaNT under the guise of a company called Gaurius Motor Technologies. It holds several records, including fastest 0 to 60 time, fastest street car, and safest street car, with no reports of a lethal crash in testing. It is a two door, two person car with comfortable seats and plenty of bells and whistles.


The vehicle makes a homage to several sports cars, including the likes of the Corvette line of automobiles, the 2016 Chevy Camaro, and the Bugatti Chiron. It has a high emphasis on style, and its exterior boasts this. The interior is spacious, having enough room to comfortably house two sumo wrestlers. In fact, Xavier's special edition has enough room for Kiga, though the fit is a little tight.

Unique Features


  • Individual A/C/Heating for both the driver and passenger
  • Heated Steering Wheel, Shifter and Seats
  • Pseudo-Automatic Shifting that can be switched to Manual (Automatic mechanism operates a Manual shifter)
  • Airbags on the vehicle exterior to reduce the impact of crashes
  • Windows are able to withstand tremendous impact
  • Adjustable cupholders that cool/warm beverages
  • First car on the market with 0% crash rate in autopilot mode
  • Optional autobrake keeps you from running red lights
  • Superior tire grip minimizes the chance of rollover in crashes

Special Edition

  • Special autopilot features including follow and evade
  • Autopilot restrictions can be disabled to perform dangerous maneuvers using autopilot, such as driving at high speed, jumping the vehicle, and drifting
  • Most spacious interior and most comfortable seats on the market
  • Highest 0 to 60 speed on the market
  • Fastest vehicle on the market
  • 0% injury rate in crashes where the vehicle is being operated properly
  • Augmented display takes the place of a standard windshield, though it can be lowered to reveal a windshield
  • Car cannot be totaled by normal means

Specs, Weapons and Armor


  • Standard Aircraft Grade Titanium body and frame
  • Standard Ballistics Glass windows; thought to be bulletproof, though a .50 caliber round will go right through it
  • Standard GV-Grip Tires
  • No weapons

Special Edition

  • Special Aerospace Grade Tempered Steel frame with Aerospace Grade Tempered Steel/Carbon Fiber body
  • Armor inside the body that can withstand being hit by a rocket launcher
  • Ballistics plating to protect the underside of the car from mines
  • Special Ballistics Glass windows that are fully bulletproof and shock resistant
  • Reinflates (Tubeless tires notorious for being bulletproof)
  • No weapons

Xaviers's Special Edition

  • Same armor as special edition
  • FHGR Tires (FoRFaNT Hi-Grip Reinflates); bulletproof, heat resistant, and explosive resistant
  • Spike strips
  • Two front mounted machine guns; fires rounds that cannot kill, but are capable of popping tires and harming people


  • The Special Edition is slightly larger than the Standard due to its added armor.
  • Xavier keeps his Phoenix Driver in the glove box of his Venoray.
  • The Venoray isn't Foster Forfant's car of choice, but it is his favorite car.