Though this forum is not that active, we still want everyone who does come here to enjoy their experience. Here are some rules to follow.

  1. Be nice!
  2. Do not edit other people's pages without their permission. Since this isn't a information contribution wiki and more of an idea contribution wiki, the info seen on here isn't info, but is in fact ideas from contributors.
  3. Do not grief, troll, or spam, and do not create a page that is not a contribution. Creating unhelpful pages and spamming will result in the deletion of the page/spam, and punishment for repeat offenses. Trolling and griefing will result in immediate punishment as soon as the offense is discovered, and may result in a ban!
  4. The ideas on this wiki are property of Joseph Bigham and Josh Shape, under the Hell on Earth Project, unless otherwise stated. You may not claim ownership to anything on the wiki, and by contributing to the wiki, you agree that we may use your ideas as our own.
  6. Though the anime contains vulgarity, suggestive themes, and inappropriate language, try to avoid using any of these on the wiki.
  7. We are not currently offering jobs, since we don't have the means to produce the anime. Please do not ask.
  8. Try to help others if they are stuck on the wiki, and don't be afraid to ask for help!