This is a list of characters who did not make the cut for HoEP, and why.

Scrapped Main Characters

Union Members


Elena was going to be a cute girl with a creative mind. She would have a highly unusual knack for military strategy despite being 16. She was not going to be a main player, but if she got attacked, she could have used magic.

Elena was going to be a member of the Sacred Gemstones. She was originally going to be included because the person the character was based on was close to a production team member. She was confirmed after reports that she committed suicide, with the character being made in her memory, and set to appear in an episode called The Font of Memories. However, the person actually ended up being alive, and the character was scrapped after a breakup.

Alan Maxis

Maxis was going to be an alter ego of Xavier. You can see how this may have caused problems.

Jasone Belhart

Jasone was going to be a mind mage that could help turn the tide in battle by doing things such as reading minds, paralyzing foes, etc. After evaluating the concept, the team decided to scrap him.

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