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Since Hell on Earth is still in its planning phase, info on this page may change drastically as time goes by.
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One of many of Forfants main control bases is located in the far left corner of the city, specifically named the Forfantasia Complex. Our heroes would have to travel here to slowly navigate the massive dense city and find the base. One of the sacred gemstones is held here (This will be discussed amongst Josh and Joe) and is located in of the tall brightly lit structures. Forfant does have the sacred gemstone but to try to outsmart our heroes, they hid it randomly in a building somewhere in this sprawling metropolis. The creator of SiBRSpayS, Doctor Otaku is located here as well and will most likely (depending on what Josh and Joe Agree on) will be where SiBRSpayS will meet the main heroes. His headquarters would be an apartment (C-4) of the Luxxious Apartment Complex (a Large black pyramid structure near the center of the city near the Cepticus River) This is also where the heroes will meet Doctor Otaku. More plot points will come at a later date when Josh and Joe discuss this location

Visual Description

This city is located on two sides of the Cepticus River, a river that runs through the Great Plains (working name). The city is known for its massive light pollution due to the amount of spot lights, neon signs and many many other forms of lights. Every building has a lot of neon or some kind of lights on it, causing you to be able to see the city from almost any point of the Great Plains! The city is very futuristic, with hovercar technology and buildings that sometimes defy normal physics, but still looking beautiful despite its mass amounts of buildings and little nature. Most buildings are completely unique, no building looks the same (This might be a pain to animate). People come here for its mass amounts of casinos and nightclubs, making this a massive tourist attraction for millions of people, so Forfant makes a lot of money off this city. In short, Imagine a cross between a finished Dubai and Las Vegas only more futuristic and more illuminated.

Random Facts (This may get removed)

The city's motto is "Transcend into heaven" A pun on its own name

This city has many references to famous landmarks and hotels found on earth, The Luxxious Apartment Complex looks a lot like the Luxor Hotel in Las Vegas.

This city has many bridges that connect the 2 ends of the city, One hotel IS a bridge that spans over the river! This references the Yas Viceroy Abu Dhabi Hotel that spans over the Yas Marina Circuit.

This city has an Idol Group that has its home stage here called the Akira Beautys (Working Name) thats stage resembles the stage used in the Anime AKB0048.

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