"Monexia? Why are you sleeping in a box? Your bed's right here!"
"Huh... oh! I don't know! The cat part of me must of kicked in before I went to sleep."
~Xavier, talking to a sleeping Monexia

Monexia is a character proposed by Josh Shape. She is a cute, adorable, and lovable character, and the last living Nekomimi, lucky to escape the assimilation of her kind during the War of Disarray. She is a kind and gentle soul that seeks only to find peace in the world, and a safe group of people to protect her from harm. She hates fighting more than anyone, especially since it reminds her of the mass genocide of her people. However, she fights in memory of those who she lost, hoping that she can keep others safe from the terrors she experienced in the past.

Appearance Edit

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Personality Edit

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Backstory Edit

Every character has one! What's yours?

Section One Edit

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Section Two Edit

That every backstory

Section Three Edit

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Combat Edit

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Frequent CQC Moves Edit

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  • hand to hand moves
  • does your character use?

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Purchased Weapons/Tools Edit

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Hand-Crafted Weapons Edit

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Things frequently used as weapons (in the environment) Edit

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  • uses the environment
  • as a weapon,
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  • they use!

Make a subheading for special weapons! Edit

Tools and Utilities Edit

Vehicles Edit

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Life Force Edit

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Power Cost Effect
Lovelight 5 + Makes the enemy less wary by filling their head with positive thoughts. Works less effectively against stupider foes. (Foe must have a way of thinking)
Gloom 5 - Makes the enemy less wary by filling their head with negative thoughts. Works less effectively against stupider foes. (Foe must have a way of thinking)
Jam 20 = Fills the opponent's mind with electric noise, making it much harder for them to think and causing them to get a headache or migraine. (Foe must have a brain)

If your character doesn't use magic, disregard this section!

Lifestyle Edit

Your character has to live! How do they do so? Any weird things they do? Do any of their flaws get in the way?

Trivia Edit

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