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The Nigheto was the final Minotaur clan to ever exist on the Earth, and was the clan Kiga was born into. Unlike the other clans, its name is not based off the name of its leaders. The Nigheto was originally a thriving clan that lived off of the land and the spoils of war, but their legacy was ended due to the invention of black powder and the death of the last female in the clan, Bane. Kiga and Teki are the only known survivors of the Nigheto collapse.

The Years of Minotaurs

During 1st Millennium A.D., a pack of ten Minotaurs decided to reproduce in large numbers and split into 5 different clans based on bloodline (Kuda, Rahna, Ark, Lodon, and Nigheto). They did this with the goal of taking over the world, but knew it would take some time. After hundreds of years, Minotaurs became commonplace, and the 5 clans decided to have Nova of the Sun and Eclipse of the Moon of the Nigheto form the Minotaur Code, a symbol that marked the beginning of a Minotaur conquest that would become known as the Years of Minotaurs.

As the clans went their own ways to take over the world, and leaders rose and fell, bloodlines began to perish, starting with the Lodon bloodline. Soon after, the Kuda and Rahna bloodlines were wiped out during an allied assault. Eventually, only the Ark and Nigheto bloodlines remained. These clans had made the most progress out of the five clans, and they had also taken the least casualties, with the Nigheto having not had one fatality during their entire conquest.

The Invention of Black Powder and the Fall of the Nigheto

Eventually, at around 11th century A.D., the Nigheto controlled almost the entire world, with the Ark having lost most of what they had earned. However, humans soon discovered black powder, and everything changed. The Nigheto began to take casualties, and the Ark died out almost instantly. Left with no one to back them up, and no way to defend against this threat, the Nigheto soon fell, only being saved by a human named Bane. After giving birth to Kiga and Teki, Bane died, and the only remaining members of the clan were the Elder, Writer of Epitaphs, and the two children Kiga (whom was the new leader) and Teki. This soon changed after Writer of Epitaphs trained Teki in private and pitted him against Kiga. Kiga kills his brother Teki in the duel, and after finding out Writer of Epitaphs had plans to replace him with Teki, he kills his father.

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