"Gyah! Why did you break my arm?!"
"Oh, sorry. I just didn't think that healing you of your existing injuries would prove difficult enough for a healer of my caliber."
~Xero and Opium after a battle
Opium is one of the twelve main protagonists in Hell on Earth, and is part of the Rebel Union. She would be a dedicated healer and support class, healing allies and hindering enemies.

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Tools and Utilities


Umbra is a small parasol that Opium keeps on her at all times.

Life Force

Being a healer, Opium is a dominant user of +. However, she also has the unique ability to "flux" her powers, causing a negative effect instead of a positive one, by using -. Also, her + pool is bigger, holding up to 250 + at once.

Unless marked with ~, the power requires Opium to use her staff.

Power Cost Effect
~Flux - Static Allows the unit to pay - instead of + for a power, changing its effects. Costs may also change.
~Motherly Love + Static Gains 5 + a second while unscathed and in great spirits.
~Perfect Body + Static Opium's healing methods cost half as much + when she targets herself.
~Drain (Fluxed Version of Heal) 25 - Removes 25 + from the target, not causing the target to reach 0.
~Noise (Fluxed Version of Focus) None - Negates static abilities that generate +
~Aleurier 25 + Attracts the attention of enemies
~Forgietan (Fluxed Version of Aleurier) 50 - Causes enemies to ignore the user. Negates the effects of Aleurier.
Lux 10 + A shot of light from Opium's staff, causing some damage to enemies. Can be reflected.
Blæc (Fluxed Version of Lux) 10 - A shot of dark energy from Opium's staff, causing some damage to enemies. Not very effective against - users.
Transfundere User Determined +, in increments of 10 Transfers + to the target equal to half the life force spent
- Fluxed Version User Determined -, in increments of 10 Transfers - to the target equal to half the life force spent
Flash Chiropractice 50 + Repairs and realigns all joints in the body.
- Fluxed Version 50 - Twists, bends, and distorts bones in the victim's body, causing extreme pain and discomfort.
Acupuncture 50 + Alleviates the target's pain and temporarily makes them almost immune to pain.
- Fluxed Version 50 - Temporarily numbs the victim completely, for about 30 seconds. During this time, they are paralyzed. Less effective on larger targets, only works on organic targets.
Onwæcnan 25 + Wakes up a sleeping target, no matter how they went to sleep. Does not work on comas, and does not cure Life Force Comas.
Lallare (Fluxed Version of Onwæcnan) 25 +; this is a circumstance where a flux does not cost -. Sends a target to sleep.
Revivre 50 + Brings a fainted or unconscious target back to consciousness. Does not wake sleeping targets, and does not work if the unconsciousness was caused by a supernatural circumstance, such as life force powers.
Faindre (Fluxed Version of Revivre) 50 - Causes a weak target to lose consciousness. Only works on humans.
Solacier 100 + Completely heals the target
Vexare (Fluxed Version of Solacier) 100 - Completely drains the target of all strength, energy and life force, and makes them unable to be healed for an hour.
Infirmière 200 + Allows the target to recover from a life force coma. Also returns the soul of a Lymboh Paralysis victim to its vessel.
Épurer (Fluxed Version of Infirmière) 50 -, 4 allies must also assist by lending 50 - a piece. Allows the target to recover from life force paralysis.

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