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"I think my revolvers just found their competition."
~Xavier, testing the Phoenix Driver
The Phoenix Driver is a firearm made by Xavier Boros. Though it's a pistol, with a couple of parts and a few seconds, it essentially becomes a full-auto short carbine rifle.


The Phoenix Driver is a pistol with a thick casing, and is fairly large. The top of the gun is triangular, and the gun overall is slanted away from the "butt". A strange thing people will notice about the weapon is that is heavier than Xavier's own XFC-CMR revolver, even without the attachable barrel extension, stock, and hybrid scope.


The Phoenix Driver utilizes .50 caliber rounds, similarly to the XFC-CMR. The difference is that the Phoenix Driver fires faster; it is able to fire semi-auto at a rate of 4 rounds per second, or 240 rounds a minute, and it's capable of firing at full-auto at a rate of 5 rounds per second, or 300 rounds a minute. Also, the Phoenix Driver holds 20 rounds in a magazine.

At a glance

Round Description Kill Capability
Standard .50 Caliber Your average .50 caliber round. Very heavy power, one shot kill in most cases.
Hollow Point Custom Custom made hollow point rounds with extreme stopping power. Almost a guaranteed one shot kill.

Using the weapon

Unlike most pistols, the weapon doesn't have a "cocking" mechanism. Instead, it readies the bolt once the weapon is loaded and the safety is turned off, automatically feeding the first round into the magazine. The weapon, in normal form, operates like a normal, semi-auto pistol, with the exception of not having to cock the pistol once it is ready to fire.

When the extended barrel and stock are attached, the weapon changes form, essentially becoming a full-auto carbine. This allows for full-auto fire with increased accuracy, though Xavier can still use semi-auto while the stock and barrel attachments are on it.

Pros and Cons


  • Extremely powerful.
  • Accurate.
  • Long range.
  • Heavy stopping power.
  • High fire rate for a .50 caliber weapon.


  • Unforgiving recoil.
  • Large for a pistol.
  • Almost irreplaceable if lost.
  • Hard to fire at full potential.


  • It is unknown where Xavier keeps the attachments for the Phoenix Driver, but they're supposedly always on him.