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"What's wrong with the old B0SS you had?"
"Why replace it when I can get a better version of it?"
~ Epsilon, talking to Xavier
The B0SS MKII is a successor to the B0SS made by Xavier Boros after he lost the original. Instead of making another, Xavier used the equipment he inherited to make the MK II.

Pros and Cons


  • Twice the power
  • A weapon for each hand



Feature B0SS B0SS MKII
Wield Type Singular Weapon Dual Wield, mergable
Modes Blade, SMG with Sniper ALT, Shotgun with charged ALT Blade (Dual Wield), Cutter (Merged), SMG (Dual Wield), Sniper (Merged), Shotgun (Dual Wield), Charge/Pump (Merged)
Battery Consumption Large consumption, one battery Moderate consumption, two batteries
Weight .5 lbs, .75 lbs with battery .75 lbs per unit, 1 lb per unit with a battery in each
Shotgun Fire Rate (Auto) 4 rounds per second 3 rounds per second per weapon with synchronization of fire (6 rounds per second)

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