"I'm not sure about this..."
Since Hell on Earth is still in its planning phase, info on this page may change drastically as time goes by.
"Could you two ever go a day without arguing?!"
There is a plot debate going on. Info regarding the main plot of Hell on Earth may change drastically or entirely.
"So... any more ideas?"
This article is a suggestion. It may be modified or deleted.
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This article contains some spoilers for the plot of Hell on Earth. Read on if you dare.
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The author of this article has made it with the intent of adding more information at a later date.

Warning! Major, Major Plot Spoilers Ahead!

Seriously! This page contains spoilers for the main plot of the Hell on Earth project. This is your last chance to turn away!

Ideas for the Ten Scriptures of Anime

  1. Anime must never break the fourth wall more than necessary.
  2. Anime must not contain heavy cursing or blood and gore.
  3. The main protagonist must have a tragic backstory.
  4. Anime cannot contain heavy American influences.
  5. Anime must contain more women than men.
  6. Anime must be based on or heavily inspired by another anime.
  7. The theme song, not matter the language of the anime, must be in Japanese.
  8. An anime must have main character deaths throughout the course of the anime.
  9. The main character must be Japanese
  10. Whether good shall triumph over evil, or evil over good, either the protagonist or antagonist must always lose.

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