The War of Disarray is a major conflict that broke out between FoRFaNT, the Nekomimi, and a long lost pack of Minotaurs, the Isc.

Brief Summary

After a major rebellion against FoRFaNT rule by the Nekomimi, FoRFaNT decides to plot mass genocide against them, since the entirety of its population is against FoRFaNT. Meanwhile, Nekomimi discover a pack of Minotaurs, the Isc, whom which they declare their enemies after a rough encounter and a shake up cause a skirmish between the Nekomimi and Isc. With their cover blown, the Isc turn to FoRFaNT for help fighting the Nekomimi. With minor assistance from the Isc, FoRFaNT manages to wipe out the entirety of the Nekomimi. After the major leg of the war, FoRFaNT captures the Isc, demanding them to pledge allegiance to FoRFaNT, and FoRFaNT only. When the Isc refuse, FoRFaNT exterminates them.

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