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"You might want to hold that thing with two hands."
~Xavier, letting Xero fire one of his XFC-CMRs
The XFC-CMR is a firearm made by Xavier Boros. It is an unmistakable weapon, boasting the highest stopping power and range among any pistol, as well as an integrated bayonet and custom holographic sight.


The XFC-CMR is extremely large for a revolver, being almost a foot long. It has a minimalist appearance, vitalizing the principle of "don't add what's not needed", with exposed parts allowing it to utilize a lightweight design despite its size. You will also notice that there is two barrels on the gun.


Xavier custom makes all of the ammunition for his XFC-CMRs. They utilize a variety of .50 caliber ammunition, including standard rounds, hollow point rounds, and his favorite, Thunder Rounds, which utilize liquid metal to maximize stopping power and cause a large explosion on impact.

At a glance

Round Description Kill Capability
Standard .50 Caliber Your average .50 caliber round. Very heavy power, one shot kill in most cases.
Hollow Point Custom Custom made hollow point rounds with extreme stopping power. Almost a guaranteed one shot kill.
Buss Custom Custom made scattershot round. One shot kill in most close range engagements.
Oni Custom Custom made rounds that combust on impact. Due to their nature, they lack stopping power. Bullet kills in about 2 shots, kills are dependent on fire.
Thunder Custom Custom made rounds filled with liquid metal. Heavy stopping power combines with a violent explosion on impact. One shot kill against virtually any normal target.

Using the weapon

Since the XFC-CMR is still a revolver, it operates like one, with the exception lying within its twin barrels. Instead of having one hammer, the XFC-CMR has two independently operating hammers. The "hammer" at the top of the gun is used to prime the internal hammers, while the internal hammers do the shooting. After every two shots, the gun must be primed again, and after emptying the included 12 round cylinder, it must be reloaded.

Pros and Cons


  • Extremely powerful.
  • Very accurate.
  • Included Bayonet for CQC.
  • Long range.
  • Heavy stopping power.


  • Unforgiving recoil.
  • Large for a pistol.
  • Bayonet can cause an accident if the weapon is used improperly.
  • Only two exist, and they are almost irreplaceable if lost.


  • Xavier is the only person able to use the XFC-CMR with one hand; even though a couple characters on Xavier's team are strong enough to shoot it with one hand, they are not skilled enough.
  • Xavier can slide and shoot with this weapon with ease, despite its recoil being capable of knocking down the user.
    • Despite this, not even Xavier can safely shoot this weapon while airborne.

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