"Uh, I don't think so."
This idea was rejected by Joseph Bigham. See below for a list of reasons.
We rejected my original concept for my own character.  This is due to him having godlike powers, practically being able to kill anyone without even trying.
This page is for the original, rejected concept for Xavier Boros.

Xavier Boros, though a confirmed character, had an original concept, which flopped due to the fact that he was pretty much omnipotent, and therefore would ruin the anime's power balance. Some of the traits present in the original concept were passed down to Jasone Belhart.

Fighting Style/Abilities

Though fairly balanced in combat (being a street fighter), Xavier originally had some abilities and attacks that made him overpowered

  • Dream Shot (Costs 50% + life force): A shot of dream energy that distracts foes upon impact and causes their mind to drift, possibly sending them to sleep.
  • Premonitions (Costs 10% + life force, can be extended for 5% + life force per second) The user is hit by premonitions of danger, and by using this, can see what will happen, therefore allowing them to change the future. Last 5 seconds by default.
  • Dream Form (Costs 80% + life force): Allows the user to go to sleep and project their dream as a separate tangible dimension. In this dream, + life force generation is set to 2.5% per second, and life force cap is 250%.
  • Dream Trap (Costs 100% life force): Can bring a foe into a Dream Form projection.
  • Omega Form (Costs 200% life force): Merges the real world self with the dream self, allowing Xavier to act as a tangible being in his dream. Infinite life force.
  • Aether Pull (Costs 10%-50% depending on the object): Allows the user to summon an object (within reason)
  • Dream End (Sends the user into Life Force Paralysis): Ends a Dream Form dream projection. Can be used to remove Dream Trap victims from existence.


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