"You can't have order without discord nor truth without deception."

~Yang Zhen to his students during his speech at their initiation ceremony


He has a shaved head with a scar on the left side on the back of his head just above his ear. His eyes are mix of brown and black. His face looks somewhat aged despite him being only 32. Wears Nomad Monk style clothing Primary in a greyish color or a faded green color


He is really caring thinking of his organization as his family and will do anything to protect them even if it means sacrificing his own life.He is laid back and primary care free enjoying the simple things in life working on his combat skills and his hobbies


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Frequent CQC Moves 

  • Capoeira (Adept)
  • Wing Chun (Master)
  • Aikido (Expert)
  • Bagua (Master)

Purchased Weapons/Tools Edit

  • Steel Naginata
  • Kakute
  • Kusarigama

Hand-Crafted Weapons Edit

Does your character make weapons?

  • Tekko (Steel knuckles)
  • Metsubushi
  • Dark Oak Tonfas
  • Blowpipe
  • Bo Staff

Oracle's Void Grip

A set of bladed knuckles that feeds off of = energy to make their wielder's punches more effective by infusing them with energy from the void. These knuckles can form two energy blades that can combine into a glaive staff. The weapons' power increases by absorbing their opponent's life force and storing it until their reaches max capacity and then they can either consume it to make their wielder stronger or release it in the form of a life energy blast.

Life Force Edit

Power Cost Effect
Meditation None Generates 3 + per minute
Harmonize Static = The user focuses their inner senses, allowing them to better channel = (+2 = per second instead of +1)
Shadow Nova 60 - Creates a orb of condensed negative energy of a blast radius of 10-30 miles. When detonated this spell covers the affected area of in a purplish aura that causes all those in the area to hallucinate causing them to attack anyone near them enemy or ally alike. Does not affect those who have been around the user for 168 hours collectively without a day in between or the user them self
Illusion 10 = Creates a hallucination that changes the appearance of the surrounding environment by creating a temporary pocket plain of reality
Life blocker


15 = Attacks the victim with a series of punches that have been infused with lymboh life force energy temporarily causing the victim to lose access to their - + and = life force preventing them from performing any spells. (Duration of the effect depends on how many punches where use (One punch equals one minute)
Life infusion technique .1 +

per second

The user infuses their physical body with their own spiritual energy to increase their physical attributes by six times of what they normally would be
Shadow walker technique .1 - per second Allows the wielder to walk in the shadow plain allow to travel undetected
Descent into the void 20 - Creates a vortex to an alternate world controlled by the user and guarded by the soul of their weapon


Being the "head master" of his organization he greatly respected by his acolytes who act as his soldiers. He many spends most of his time teaching his followers in the ways of his ideology. When he soldiers are away he spends most of his time with his hobbies if he not pursuing a case or helping SiN, or Union of the Sacred Gemstones. He also acts as a father figure to the younger acolytes and tries to given them useful advice when they seem to be lost in the darkness of reality living under FoRFaNT.


  • Is a pescetarian (Is a vegetarian, but still eats fish as part of his diet)
  • Plays the guitar, violin, piano, ocarina
  • Works with different forms of art (Painting,sculpting,sketching,etc)
  • Philosopher
  • Enjoys puzzles,riddles, and mind games
  • Photographer
  • Archaeologist
  • Hates profanity
  • He primarily laid back and easy going
  • Considered a father figure to Ishimaki Kimura
  • Well respected and feared by his students and his members
  • Loves trolling his enemies and getting into their heads

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